Who's afraid of a little merge conflict?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week on the podcast, we talk about folks who like to create their own sandbox to cause and then fix merge conflicts. Better than breaking prod in front of the whole team I suppose?

Today's episode was inspired by a question on folks who postpone a merge for fear of being the one to resolve a conflict. Shout out to Candied Orange for the thoughtful answer.

Paul and Sara reminisce about the days before Git, when version control was very different from what it is today, and Paul accidentally left many a project in shambles. Do you remember the days of Subversion and CVS?

Later, we dig into Sara's new adventure with Jupyter Notebooks. They are extremely useful for developers, but what would it take to make them a tool for any kind of knowledge worker? Default to a PowerPoint style, obviously.

Last but not least, we dig into the endless argument over the 10X developer, Reed Hastings' love for the 100X developer, and the true formula for attracting employees that will contribute their genius without wrecking the team. Clive Thompson has a great piece on the myth, meritocracy, and messy reality of rockstar coders.

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