Where do game developers fit in the world of software?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This episode, we talk about the ways in which game developers are similar and different from web and mobile developers, before getting lost in a quick revery of the video games that have kept smiles on our faces during the recent lockdowns.

Has there ever been a gaming company that brought more joy to the world than Nintendo? They were making playing cards back in 1889 and continue to find ways to be different but fun with inventions like the Switch and Labo.

Sara gives us some the scoop on Rimworld. Check out the trailer here and feel free to lend your skill to a new mod if you have ideas for how to improve it.

A Excel sheet meltdown led to critical health data about the pandemic being lost in the UK. Rows can go to millions, but they used columns.

For those of us who need our reading glasses to see the tiny emoji people post in Slack, Paul has come to your rescue. He asked for the ability to zoom In on Twitter, the CEO of Slack co-signed, and boom, we got a new feature.

We discuss what other new Slack features might take off: stories, push-to-talk, and sneakers.

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