The many strengths of neurodivergence

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The best part about being tech builders is that we get to collaborate with some super-smart teammates. Every brain is unique, and we need this thought diversity to solve problems, build better products, and be more proud of our individual contributions as a result. But if you talk to a lot of people who self-identify as neurodiverse in tech, you’ll notice that folks tend to share the same experience of feeling a lot of pressure to fit in. In today’s podcast, Matt and Ceora talks with Wesley Faulkner, senior community manager at AWS CIoud, and Mariann Lowery, Product / UX Research Lead here at Stack Overflow about their experience as neurodivergent individuals and how we can all do a better job supporting our teammates while taking steps to feel more empowered in our own differences, too.

Mariann shares how she and her UX research team at Stack Overflow are taking steps to create a more inclusive product experience, while reflecting on her experiences as a mother to a neurodiverse daughter.

Wesley talks about what it’s like to be a developer with dyslexia and why self-empathy and self-compassion have been important to his evolution as a senior leader.

Ceora explains why it’s important to be on a psychologically safe team from her perspective as a Black woman who is also neurodivergent.

We talk about giving people the space necessary to do their best work, implementing more inclusive hiring practices, and everyday routines that help us stay our happiest and most productive.

We conclude with a note about why supporting neurodiversity is good for everyone of all walks of life.

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