San Francisco? More like San Francisgo

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Ben and Matt discuss how tech workers’ preference for remote work is driving a near-exodus from cities like San Francisco, where the office vacancy rate has jumped to 19%. Meanwhile, smaller cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma are literally paying remote workers to relocate. Also under discussion: a D&D-inspired AI image generator, the search engine designed to make developers more efficient, and 3D-printing projects to improve your oral hygiene.

San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed says a seismic shift (definitely not an exodus) is underway as tech workers continue working from home and companies like Salesforce (the city’s largest private employer) reduce office space. Breed says San Francisco lost $400 million in tax revenue in 2021, as companies shuttered offices or moved to other cities. San Francisco offices haven’t been this empty since 2009.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 71 cities (and counting) are offering cash grants and other incentives to lure remote workers from Silicon Valley to, say, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you’re a member in good standing of the Hellfire Club (or any D&D group), check out the free AI image generator from AI Dungeon.

Customizable open search platform debuts YouCode, a specialized search engine intended to increase developer efficiency. allows users to deploy AI to customize the sources they want to see, the order in which results appear, and how private results are, reports VentureBeat.

Matt is the proud owner of a new tongue scraper (TMI?), and Ben is 3D-printing him a customized holder. What are friends for?

Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user LuLuGaGa for their answer to the question Is there a way to create BottomBar using SwiftUI?

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