Our favorite features and updates from WWDC

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The home team covers highlights from WWDC22, from passwordless authentication to the new M2 chip. Digressions include an iMessage update that may increase the drama quotient in your life and the fact that Matt used to pretend to be playing chess when, really, it was World of Warcraft.

WWDC22 was last week (check out Apple’s highlights here). Among the most exciting demonstrations: passkeys, a new approach to authentication with the potential to finally replace passwords altogether.

Apple also announced enhancements to Swift, its programming language, and a new flagship processor, the M2 chip.

Now that iMessage users will be able to edit or even unsend text messages after the fact, will your group chat (or your relationship) ever be the same?

Multitaskers rejoice: A new iPadOS function called Stage Manager organizes apps in a tile formation that allows users to rapidly tap from workspace to workspace.

And yes, you can finally check the weather on your iPhone lock screen.

Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user Stephen Docy for their answer to Proving that a two-pointer approach works (pair sum).

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