Hackathons and free pizza: All about Stack Overflow’s new Student Ambassador Program

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Ben, fresh from launching Stack Overflow’s new Student Ambassador Program, tells Matt about partnering with Major League Hacking, the young programmers eager to get back to in-person events, and the powerful allure of free pizza. Plus: Why you don’t have to create an account to engage with our public platform.

As part of an effort to work with students at college and universities, Stack Overflow is partnering with Major League Hacking (MLH) to recruit our first cohort of Student Ambassadors. These folks will represent us on campus and lead the way in tackling challenges, earning rewards, and planning out the future of the program.

Our pizza fund events are open to students in the US and Canada, and Global Hack Weeks are open to all. You can learn more about how to apply here.

ICYMI: Major League Hacking cofounder Jon Gottfried and Hackathon Community Manager Mary Siebert previously came on the podcast to describe what a Major League Hackathon looks like (the succulents were a surprise).

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