Gen Z doesn’t understand file structures

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The home team talks about Cassidy’s new role as Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote, Ceora’s controversial opinion on mac and cheese, and why Gen Z may understand information architecture differently than the rest of us.

It’s not news that, as Cassidy says, “remote has grown wildly fast”—but Remote has gone from about 25 employees in March 2020 to 900 now (a 3,500% increase).

Ceora explains to Matt (oh, sweet summer’s child) what it means to get ratioed on Twitter.

Inspired by a great read, the team discusses how Gen Z, having grown up without floppy disks, file folders, or directories, thinks about information.

This week’s Lifeboat badge goes to user 1983 for their answer to the question Why can I not use `new` with an arrow function in JavaScript/ES6?.

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