Changing of the guards: one co-host departs, and a new one enters

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Our co-host Paul Ford is stepping back from a lot of his technology related duties, including as CEO of Postlight and sadly, as co-host of this podcast. But that means our frequent collaborator Cassidy Williams will be joining us more often. Paul passes the torch on this episode.

Paul is stepping away down as CEO of Postlight to focus more on understanding climate change and how we can address it. The science hurts his brain.

Cassidy Williams, currently at Netlify, has published articles on our blog and provides links in our newsletter.

We dig into some of the results of the dev survey, including how kids today are learning to code on the internet. There's so much to learn from now!

Did everyone step back from working full time? Our survey data shows a decrease in full time employed respondents. Was there an existential moment for everyone during the pandemic where they thought that there must be something else?

Our surveyed devs love Svelte but get paid the most for Ruby on Rails.

This week's Lifeboat badge goes to Suren Raj for his answer to Java convert bytes[] to File.

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