An algorithm that optimizes for avoiding ennui

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We chat with Guillaume Clement, Chief Operating Officer of the video platform Dailymotion, about his journey from Program Director to VP of Engineering to CTO and finally COO. Clement also reveals some hard truths about the recommendation engines that guide our consumption of digital content and Dailymotion's plans to build a system optimized for users' health, not their watch time.

You can learn more about Clement's career on his LinkedIn and on Twitter (assuming you speak French).

You can learn more about Dailymotion here and check out the roles they are hiring for here.

You can find Cassidy Williams on Twitter and at her website.

You can find Ceora Ford on Twitter and at her website.

Our Lifeboat badge winner of the week is Swati Kiran, who helped solve an error causing permission problems in an angular app.

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