Adventures in Javascriptlandia

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week we chat with Jory Burson and Myles Borins of the OpenJS Foundation. Javascriptlandia is a new initiative from the foundation that allows passionate fans and contributors to help fund and maintain the Javascript ecosystem. And yes, there was once a plan to acquire a private island and certify it as a nation state so that they could start giving out top level .js domains.

You can read more about Javascriptlandia here. It is part of larger conversation happening on Google's Open Source Blog and through initiatives like Github allowing corporations into their Sponsors program.

For a delightfully old school and interactive website about Myles, click here. For his Twitter, go here.

You can find Jory's website here and her Twitter presence here.

This week's lifeboat badge goes to Marijn van Vliet for answering the question: How do I return a char array from a function?

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