The Undocumented Web: scraping, private APIs, proxies and “alternative solutions”


What is the undocumented web? Scott and Wes dive into it, discussing APIs, faking, scraping, automation, proxies as well as tips and tricks for best practices.

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Show Notes

3:05 - What Is the undocumented web?

  • When traditional methods don’t give you what you want
  • Wild West

6:10 - Undocumented APIS

17:34 - Faking

  • Faking User Agents
    • Sending headers from requests
    • Free Blackberry wifi on plane

23:52 - Scraping

  • What is craping?
  • Cheerio - jQuery like node package

27:30 - Automation

33:30 - Proxies

  • Need a fresh IP address
  • Need a different country
  • Side note: Canadians buying stuff in USA M4S1P1 === 41100
  • API throttling

39:00 - Tips and Tricks

  • Multiple API keys
  • diskDB - Text files as databases
  • Search Github for API keys
  • Inspect Element and Delete Overlays
  • Delete Cookiesokay

44:45 - Stories

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