Stump’d × JavaScript × GraphQL × Memory Safety × Web History


In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott try to stump each other with questions about JavaScript, HTTP status error codes, memory safety, and a bit of web history thrown in.

Show Notes
  • 00:11:07 Welcome
  • Displaced Gamers
  • 00:46:00 In which year was JavaScript introduced?
  • 02:59:16 What status code is returned by server when a resource isn’t found?
  • 03:32:00 Which http status code indicates the client must authenticate itself?
  • 04:34:17 What is a pseudo class and give an example?
  • 05:15:11 What JavaScript function allows you to delay the execution of a function?
  • 06:02:06 Who first proposed using separate style sheet language for the web?
  • 08:08:14 Which of the following statements about JavaScript strict are true?
  • 08:50:11 What is event driven programming in Node.js?
  • 10:26:08 In GraphQL, how do you mark a field as deprecated?
  • 10:47:24 How does xHTML differ from HTML?
  • 11:48:21 Which of the following statements is true about objects in JavaScript?
  • 13:20:19 What is a type erase in TypeScript?
  • 14:21:23 In TypeScript which syntax can be used to define a user defined type guard?
  • 16:02:12 What is a closure in JavaScript?
  • 17:40:00 Which node.js module provides asynchronus file I/O?
  • 18:54:08 What does memory safety mean?
  • 21:57:11 What does http2 introduce to improve speed?
  • 23:58:05 What are strategies for optimizing HTML5 video?
  • 26:28:11 Which of the following is not a correct way to create a new object?
  • 28:13:20 What is the difference between function declaration and function expression?
  • 30:49:11 What is the value of this inside an arrow function defined in a non-arrow function?
  • 31:22:11 What is a type guard?
  • 33:03:11 What is the order of execution in JavaScript?
  • 35:11:01 Which version of ecmascript was scrapped?
  • 39:41:00 What is the result of the following comparison in JavaScript?
  • 41:37:21 What were the major criticisms of CSS in it’s early days?
  • 46:48:10 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××
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