Potluck - Selling Themes × Which Browser Should Devs Use? × Where Do You Keep 2FA Codes? × Remix vs Svelte Kit × Getting Unstuck from Tutorial Hell


In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott answer your questions about selling themes, which browser to use, where to keep your 2FA codes, Remxi vs Svelte Kit, and more!

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Show Notes
  • 00:11 Welcome
  • 02:10 Can you explain import.meta?
  • 07:20 What are your thoughts on publishing and selling HTML & CSS/SASS templates/themes?
  • 12:00 When is it best to use a semantic menu vs a nav?
  • 16:14 Sponsor: Sentry.io
  • 17:36 As a newbie in web dev., which browser do you recommend, Chrome or Firefox Dev. Edition?
  • 20:25 Are TypeScript types are like creating models in Mongoose?
  • 26:16 If you use 2FA, where do you store your recovery codes?
  • 1Password
  • 29:32 Do you know a programming language which similar syntax to js and without the need of a runtime-framework?
  • Syntax 429 - Cloudflare Workers
  • 32:54 I am not feeling the hype for Remix. I would rather put my energy into SvelteKit.
  • Remix
  • Svelte Kit
  • 36:41 Sponsor: Sanity
  • 38:09 Do you guys have any advice on getting unstuck from tutorial hell and at what point do you think someone is ready to apply for junior web dev jobs?
  • 41:36 Do you feel frameworks like Next.js, Remix, etc. abstract too much the complexity that it takes to build full-stack web apps?
  • 44:19 How do you keep up on new technologies?
  • Swyx
  • Scott’s Newsletter
  • Intent to Ship
  • 54:04 Sponsor: Freshbooks
  • 55:06 Sick Picks!
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