Potluck - JS × Web Components × Security × They took our jobs!


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - all things JS, go-to dev stacks, website security and the ever-changing nature of development.

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Show Notes

3:33 - Would you ever consider doing a live Syntax show?

4:31 - What are your thoughts on Flutter? Does React Native have some solid competition now?

9:43 - What are your website security essentials for static and dynamic sites? What’s the deal with forms? Is it bad to put a form on my site with no server-side validation?

14:55 - Do you have a ‘go-to’ stack when building new web apps? If so, what is it and how would you go about choosing the right stack for the project?

  • Scott - Gatsby for sites / Meteor Apollo, React, MongoDB for db needing accounts sites
  • Wes - Next.js, Express Backend + either MongoDB, DiskDB or Prisma (or hasura)

21:51 - What are your thoughts on 100 Days of Code Challenge?

25:05 - I really have been learning a lot of React recently and have been wondering what is the difference between Next.js, Gatsby.js and vanilla React?

  • Dynamic vs static. What are your needs, how often does the content change.

  • Next.js

    • Use for dynamic needs
    • It can do static exports too
    • Convert to markdown
    • Nothing special other than Routing and SSR (Server request getInitialProps)
  • Gatsby.js

    • Use for static needs
    • Gatsby has lots of adapters

30:38 - What are websockets and when should they be used?

  • A request that is always open - it responds to events instead of pinging, pushing or pulling data

35:15 - I would love to hear your take on PWAs. Do either of you have any experience with building or using them?

40:16 - I’m a nervous newbie who’s concerned about doing a web app that accepts payments or sensitive information. How can I know I’ve done everything to create a secure website and also protect myself from being sued by the client if their website gets hacked? I’m trying to be a jam stack developer so I’m looking at things like Snipcart and Stripe

  • Don’t save sensitive info in plain text. Use services that make it tough to do that until you are confident.
  • Look up PIPEDIA

43:23 - What is a JavaScript generator? I heard that async/await creates a “generator” under the hood.

  • Pausable function that can return multiple values - call .next() on it

46:54 - Are web components worth it in 2018?

49:52 - How soon the designers replace React Developers with the invent of tools like Framer X?

56:52 - Have you, or anyone you know ever thought of quitting the industry because of difficulties you have run into?

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