Hasty Treat - Upgrading Next.js Syntax Site


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about their experience upgrading Syntax.fm and some of the site’s big changes.

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Show Notes

02:26 - The old Syntax site

  • Next.js
  • Custom server for
    • API - shows, Latest shows, sick picks
    • On-demand page builds
    • Custom routing

06:41 - The new Syntax site

  • Next.js has solved those things now, no need for a custom server.
    • API Routes
    • On-demand page builds: SSG with Next.js. It’s a server, but caches the page builds. Releasing the shows happens with revalidation. It’s statically generated like Gatsby, but you can also choose
    • Custom routing is now done with [pages]
  • Very fast to load
  • Very fast to build
  • Very fast to deploy
  • It’s now a “dynamic static site”
  • Zeit Now 1 to “Vercel”
  • Huge thanks to Tim Neutkens and Luis Alvarez from Vercel for making it happen.

13:23 - Why not:

  • Gatsby
    • Entire site would need to be regenerated exactly at 9am eastern
    • API of the site would need to be done with something else like Netlify Functions - not nearly as nice as Next API routes
  • Sapper
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