Hasty Treat - Our First Bucks Made From Web Dev, Teaching, YouTube and Tutorials


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about their first steps in the word of entrepreneurship and web dev specifically.

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Show Notes


  • First money: check for $300
  • First website: Pool company
  • First ad sense income: Craigonomics
  • First YouTube: import large SQL database with bigdump
  • First online Product: Sublime Text - Ryan Christiani
  • First in-person teaching: HackerYou
  • First project at agency: Jet Cooper


  • First dev gig: parents tea store
  • First design gig: Perpetual
  • First YouTube video: Adobe Premier 101
  • First BIG YouTube video: Sass Tutorials
  • First ad sense income: scotttolinski.com blog post about music promotion sites
  • First online product: Sass Mastery
  • First project at agency: Nu Step
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