Hasty Treat - Bike Shedding


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about bike shedding - issues that are hotly debated, but may not matter that much in the long run.

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Show Notes

3:03 - What is Bike Shedding?

  • Technical disputes over minor, marginal issues conducted while more serious ones are being overlooked. The implied image is of people arguing over what color to paint the bike shed while the house is not finished.

4:39 - Tabs vs spaces

  • Two spaces

5:50 - Single vs double quotes

  • Single in JS, double in HTML

7:05 - Semicolons or not

  • Semicolons

9:01 - Grouping/ordering CSS properties

  • Wes: Format
  • Scott: Alphabetical

12:35 - var vs let vs const

  • Scott: const for life — let when needed
  • Wes: const by default — change to let when needed

14:24 - Default vs named exports

  • Use both
  • Mix-n-match

15:58 - Should designers code?

  • If interested, sure

17:58 - Which front-end framework

  • Whichever one best suits your needs

19:30 - Vim/Emacs vs Atom/VS Code/Sublime

  • VS Code

21:53 - Small perf wins

  • Micro optimization often aren’t needed

25:14 - Browser support

  • If you’re required to support it, then support it

25:47 - Block formatting

  • Function block
  • Else on a new line vs else after block

29:07 - Trailing comma

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