GraphQL and WordPress


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Jason Bahl (author of WPGraphQL) about GraphQL, headless WordPress, frameworks in WordPress, React in WordPress, and more!

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Show Notes

4:55 - Data in WordPress

6:26 - WPGraphQL

10:31 - What were your initial thoughts/first experiences with GraphQL?

16:58 - Does it use MySQL queries or wpQuery?

19:36 - How does authentication work?

24:38 - What does the WP local dev experience look like in 2019?

26:49 - What about deployment? How do you handle migrating data?

30:10 - How does WPGraphQL handle mutations?

32:46 - What are the preferred hosting methods for a headless WordPress setup?

36:44 - Do you see any push back about giving up much of what WordPress gives you out of the box?

41:23 - What are techniques for preventing all of WordPress from loading When you’re using it exclusively for the API?

43:40 - How does WPGraphQL support custom post types, taxonomies and fields, etc?

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