743: JavaScript Figma Plugins & Working at GitHub With Cameron McEfee


Wes and Scott welcome Cameron McEfee, a seasoned creative director whose journey spans GitHub, Sentry.io, and the innovative realm of JavaScript plugins with his creation, GuideGuide. Cameron explores plugin building, iterating on the iconic Octocat for GitHub, and shedding light on the multifaceted roles of a creative director.

Show Notes
  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 01:06 Who is Cameron McEfee?
  • 03:00 What does a Creative Director do?
  • 09:47 In a creative and collaborative field, how do you deal with hurt feelings?
  • 12:32 Experiences at GitHub (404/500 pages).
  • 15:35 Who is responsible for all the Octocat variations?
  • GitHub Octodex
  • 17:18 Did you ever get in trouble for using famous IP?
  • 21:07 Working at Sentry.io.
  • 25:08 What is your illustration process?
  • 27:04 What is GuideGuide?
  • GuideGuide
  • Moo Tokenizer/Lexer
  • 33:13 Grid Notation.
  • 36:10 Can ‘good colors’ be calculated, can good design be math’d?
  • 40:46 What was the process of building your own plugin?
  • 43:37 Adding guides with JavaScript APIs.
  • 44:44 Recreating application UIs within plugins.
  • GoodHertz
  • 50:22 How are you architecting these plugins?
  • 52:44 Sick Picks & Shameless Plugs.
Sick Picks
  • Cameron:
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