2020 Fitness


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about fitness — how to stay in shape as a developer, nutrition, goals, and more!

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Show Notes

4:42 - Past year reflections

  • Scott

    • Tried several different lifting
    • Breaking didn’t happen as much, so my cardio took a hit
    • I finally found a full body plan / bro split that has been very effective
    • Weight belt has really helped my form
  • Wes

    • Overcommitted in 2019
    • Feeling great - physically
    • Gained about 12 pounds past where I want to be - rough year!
    • Noticeable loss in energy when I don’t hit the gym
    • DevLifts since November
    • Cardio / HIIT up

12:15 - What we’re doing now

  • Scott

    • 4 day split
    • Chest/Triceps
    • Back/biceps
    • Shoulders
    • Legs
    • Abs every day
  • Wes

    • 3 days a week
    • Set A - Chest and back
    • Set B - Legs and chest
    • Set C - Legs and back
  • Cardio finisher (BLASTERS)

  • At home helpers

    • Kettle bells
    • Foam roller

30:32 - Nutrition

  • Scott

    • Nothing too hardcore, salads for lunch - not religiously though
    • Good dinners
    • IF occasionally (e.g. not eating before 10 and not eating after dinner snacks)
    • Desert items allowed
  • Wes

    • Macro Tracking - still want to enjoy things
    • Low Carb
    • High on veggies
      • Brussel sprouts
      • Green beans
      • Salads
      • Chickpeas
      • Olives
    • Still super into fermentation, crunchy + sour + fizzy + spicy
    • No sweets either
    • Beer is my downfall

41:04 - Supplements

  • Scott

    • Not doing anything right now other than high quality protein
    • On meds for nerve damage
    • Probiotic
    • Fish Oil
    • Psylluim husk
  • Wes

    • Megafood Men’s Once Daily Multivitamin - they are natural and organic, empty stomach
    • Magnesium
    • Fish Oil
    • Lions Mane
    • Ashwagandha
    • Shilajit

53:49 - Year Looking Forward

  • Scott

    • New gym remodel going to help life
    • Yoga once twice a week
    • Breaking once a week
    • Lifting every day
    • Stretching every day
    • VR Gaming (I burned 400 cals last night playing Super Hot)
    • Goals to dead lift 350, weighted GHR, continue to progress at current rate
    • Make cardio a thing
  • Wes

    • Lose a Few Pounds + Energy + consistency
    • Kettle Bells in office
    • Consistent Gym before life takes a dive
    • Lock down macros
    • Stretches
    • Less beer
    • HIIT
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