Level up with JavaScript

Ladybug Podcast

JavaScript is notorious for being one of the most popular, yet also one of the most despised programming languages to learn, so today we’re covering some of the intermediate and advanced JavaScript concepts! We’ll discuss convoluted topics like generators, prototypal inheritance, and the rendering engine.

Knowing intermediate JavaScript concepts like the call stack, context, scope, the prototype chain, higher order functions, async programming, and the event loop is invaluable and will help with learning frameworks. The fundamentals won't change even if the ecosystem does.

Show notes

03:24 - Functional Programming vs OOP06:28 - Prototypal inheritance20:34 - Higher order functions25:54 - Callback functions27:10 - Closures27:46 - Scope + Context31:12 - Iterators & Generators34:26 - Rendering engine37:54 - Call Stack40:33 - Event loop43:39 - Throttle and debounce46:21 - Asynchronous programming52:09 - Hoisting54:44 - Primitive vs reference56:59 - Debugging58:48 - Shoutouts


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