Episode 7: Custom Web Components with Rob Wormald

Web Rush

John, Dan and Ward talk with Rob Wormald about his views on where Custom Web Components are heading. Rob talks about Polymer, web components, how Angular and other frameworks approach web components, and where he thinks we should all head.

Recording date: 2018-09-20


John Papa https://twitter.com/john_papa

Ward Bell https://twitter.com/wardbell

Sam Julien https://twitter.com/samjulien

** Rob Wormald** https://twitter.com/robwormald


(0:01:20) Mailbag https://twitter.com/D2KX_/status/1052980944389513217 about Polymer's life and web components

(0:01:30) Polymer https://www.polymer-project.org/

(0:02:44) Rob says that more common features will move to the platform for web components

(0:03:45) Rob talks about how his role is to talk to folks who build apps with JavaScript

(0:05:04) Rob talks about solving the problem of recreating the same component over and over (DatePicker as an example)

(0:05:26) DatePicker in Angular Material https://material.angular.io/components/datepicker

(0:05:46) Rob talks about solving the problem of recreating the same component over and over (DatePicker as an example)

(0:06:31) Dan talks about jQuery and the plugins for extensibility

(0:08:00) Ward asks if people are looking for an Angular version of a control or a more generic JavaScript one

(0:08:33) Ward asks Rob if he sees people want to interop between platforms

(0:09:12) Rob talks about how Google has various internal tools

(0:10:20) Angular's new Ivy compiler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIxknqPOWms&feature=youtu.be&t=1360

(0:10:37) John asks Rob to explain the Ivy compiler

(0:11:15) Tree shaking https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Glossary/Tree_shaking

(0:11:30) Rob talks about how an Angular app will be about 15kb with Ivy

(0:14:00) John asks Rob if sharing company specific UI libraries is one of the goals of Angular Elements

(0:14:32) Angular Elements https://angular.io/guide/elements

(0:15:32) Ward asks Rob about dynamic forms and how Angular Elements may address it

(0:17:44) Ward asks about the value of AngularElements talking to each other! Vanilla web components are stand alone. Great. But I build apps and apps are components that talk to each other. If I'm building with AE, I get that inter-comm among elements, yes? How does that work?

(0:19:08) Dan asks Rob about how this impacts big companies

(0:20:26) Rob talks about SkateJS https://github.com/skatejs/skatejs

(0:21:09) Ward asks Rob about vanilla web components.

(0:21:19) Ward says components should be able to talk to each other.

(0:22:37) Rob addresses how components can talk to each other with Angular Elements

(0:23:30) Dan says a lot of the companies he works with have islands of apps and want to take a feature and drop it in with a tool like Angular Elements.

(0:24:00) Ward says he loves Sharepoint

(0:24:29) Rob explains how Sharepoint users are one of the larger consumers of Angular Elements

(0:24:45) Ward says there may be similar things in the Salesforce world too

(0:26:52) John asks Rob how much Angular comes along for the ride with Angular Elements

(0:27:17) Rob explains the basic steps to create a component with Angular Elements.

(0:28:11) Rob says the way you author a component doesn't change, just how you bootstrap it.

(0:28:35) Dan asks if he needs the CLI to create and build Angular Elements

(0:29:38) Ward asks if DI works across the elements

(0:32:06) Ward asks Rob how he sees the other frameworks handling this problem.

(0:32:00) Rob talks about his experience with React and Vue's approaches to custom elements.

(0:32:56) Rob says the React team is talking with the Angular team about this, but he does not know of their plans.

(0:34:13) Rob says Vue provides the ability to publish component from inside of Vue, as far as he knows

(0:35:30) Rob talks about their relationship and cooperation with Ionic https://ionicframework.com/

(0:37:53) Someone to follow - Thierno Thiam https://twitter.com/localhost_droid and https://twitter.com/dakarPromiseJs

(0:48:42) Someone to follow - Minko Gechev https://twitter.com/mgechev

(0:39:30) Someone to follow - is Laurie Voss, https://twitter.com/seldo COO and co-founder of npm http://our-origins.com/post/171840751116/laurie-voss-co-founder-and-coo-at-npm

(0:40:00) Someone to follow - Jason Miller author of preact https://twitter.com/_developit https://twitter.com/preactjs

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