Episode 27: Doguhan Uluca Demystifying CI and Delivering Web Apps to the Cloud

Web Rush

Doguhan Uluca talks with us about delivering web apps to the cloud using Docker, Kubernetes, and ways to get started if you've never tried it.

Recording date: 2019-03-05

John Papa @John_Papa

Ward Bell @WardBell

Dan Wahlin @DanWahlin

Doguhan Uluca @Duluca


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  • 02:15 Guest introduction
  • 03:34 What's a typical enterprise app you work on?
  • 11:18 Obstacles to using Docker
  • 12:32 Sponsor: DevIntersection 2019
  • 19:53 What are the benefits of Kubernetes?
  • 31:37 What about large databases?
  • 37:44 Sponsor: IdeaBlade
  • 38:49 On premise vs cloud solutions
  • 45:29 How long to get a feel for docker and containerize?
  • 46:45 Any other resources for using docker?
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