Episode 19: JavaScript Development - Should You Buy or Build, with Guest Wes Bos

Web Rush

Wes Bos talks about the course and sticker platform he's built, the technology behind it, and the reasons why he's built parts of it, and used off the shelf pre-built options for other parts. This is a great discussion for those faced with buying a system and customizing it for your needs vs building your own.

Recording date: 2019-01-17

John Papa @John_Papa

Dan Wahlin @danwahlin

Ward Bell @WardBell

Wes Bos @wesbos


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  • 01:47 Guest introduction
  • 05:33 Is Express still the dominant tool to use?
  • 06:41 What kind of headaches does building your own stack bring?
  • 08:58 Why not use an off the shelf payment system?
  • 10:20 Using Stripe from Node or React?
  • 13:03 Sponsor: NativeScript
  • 13:37 How was integrating Stripe?
  • 16:07 Buy vs build
  • 20:27 When did you create your course platform?
  • 21:26 Why rewrite something that works?
  • 25:59 Sponsor: DevIntersection
  • 26:46 Nginx usage
  • 31:27 How'd you decide what to use when you designed it?
  • 32:10 What are you using for authentication?
  • 36:29 Someone to follow

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