Why the creator of Node.js® created a new JavaScript runtime

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Ryan Dahl, creator of Node.js and Deno, tells us about his journey into software development and the creation of Node.js. He explains why he started Deno, a new JavaScript runtime. Ryan also introduces JSR, an alternative to NPM, and emphasizes the importance of security in the JavaScript ecosystem. Plus: Thoughts on the future of JavaScript, including the role of TypeScript and bridging the gap between server-side and browser JavaScript.

Node.js® is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment.

Deno is an open-source JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly runtime. Explore the quick start or check out Deno by example, a collection of annotated examples of how to use Deno.

JSR is an open-source package registry for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Keep up to date with Ryan on GitHub or his blog.

Shoutout to Stack Overflow user Squadrons, who earned a Great Question badge by asking for a Pure javascript method to wrap content in a div.


00:00: Introduction and Background

01:08: Creating Node.js

05:00: JavaScript on the Server Side

07:23: Impact of Node.js

09:18: Edge Function System

12:13: Protecting Against Malicious Use

16:02: JSR: Alternative to NPM

31:01: JSR and its Stage

34:20: Future of JavaScript

36:19: Closing and Shoutouts

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