What's the average tenure of a software developer at a big tech company?

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Ceora, Matt, and Ben chat about the global impact UX decisions, like a chronological timeline, can have on users and society. Plus, the team explores the average tenure of a Google Employee, the continuing churn among developers as demand for talent stays high, and what it means now that ride-sharing apps, which once promised to undo the taxi industry, are finding ways to partner with traditional cab companies.

Average tenure at Google has been reported at 1.1 years, which stands in contrast to a broader average of 4.2 years for software developers across the board.

Tech jobs at many so called titans and disrupters last less than two years, according to research from Dice.

Uber is forging an unlikely alliance with two taxi tech firms.

The ultimate chron job - ensuring users can access a chronological feed on their favorite social media without sacrificing your recommendation algorithm's potency or data.

Our lifeboat badge of the week goes to alkber, who explained how to convert seconds to minutes, hours and days in Java

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