What does being a "nerd" even mean these days?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

On this episode we chat about the way in which remote learning has brought so many kids even closer to computers and code. Later we explore what is left of "nerd" culture now that programming and AV Club are both completely mainstream. Finally we debate the pros and cons of using the Go To command and how to tell when your scope creep is out of control.

Despite its reputation, there is a Go To for every language. You can dive deeper with the Summer of Go To.

There is a lot you can learn from it as a beginner, even if it is worth avoiding as a professional.

Paul's children have learned to inspect the element and the document object model. Being deep into computers seems normal in an era of remote school and omnipresent devices.

Who doesn't like making tree maps of memory usage or cropping and splicing footage on TikTok?

If all kids are into computer hacking and AV Club activities like film editing and music producing...what does being a nerd mean anymore?

Google has a whole slew of online certificates that allow you to find entry points into a career in data analysis, UX design, or project management.

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