What can devs do about code review anxiety?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

For this episode, we spoke with Carol Lee, PhD, principal research scientist in the Developer Success Lab at Pluralsight, about her research into code review anxiety, how developers are coping, and how a workbook can help.

Carol is an applied clinical and intervention scientist: she develops and tests cognitive, behavioral, and social interventions that activate key mechanisms to elicit change. Learn more about understanding and mitigating code review anxiety (the full version of her article is here).

You can also check out the code review anxiety workbook.

Pluralsight’s Developer Success Lab is a team of scientists studying how developers work, learn, and innovate.

Explore more of Carol’s work on code review anxiety, her bio, or her other work, from developer productivity and stress management to coding with GenAI.

Connect with Carol on LinkedIn or Mastodon.

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