Saying goodbye to our co-host, Sara Chipps

The Stack Overflow Podcast

On today’s episode we say goodbye to Sara Chipps, podcast host and Stack Overflow’s former director of community, who is leaving to take a new job as an engineering manager at LinkedIn.

Sara has been part of the open source community since 2001 and was formerly on the board of the .NET foundation. Recently she was elected to the board of the OpenJS foundation and was eager to get back in the trenches, helping people solve computer problems.

In this episode we talk about coding interviews and brushing up on your puzzle solving chops.

Later we dive into Ember.js, the framework Sara will be using with her new colleagues at LinkedIn.

We explore what it’s like to join a team when everyone is still remote and you never get the chance to onboard with your team in person.

This week’s lifeboat badge winner is Perfect28, who answered the question: Linq OrderBy custom order. Spoiler alert, there are char arrays involved.

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