Medical research made understandable with AI

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On today’s episode we chat with two leaders from Srocero - CEO Dipanwita Das and CTO Hellmut Adolphs. Sorcero uses AI and large language models to make medical texts more discoverable and readable, helping knowledge to more easily spread, increasing the chances doctors and patients will find the solutions they need.

Sorcero uses a mix of natural language processing, generative AI, and even more old school symbolic AI, where they craft their own ontologies, to try and ingest that river of new medical data and make it easier to search and comprehend.

Less than 0.2% of the global population can read a medical paper! AI can help make these dense works up to 700x more readable.

Medical Affairs Teams are the groups inside big pharmaceutical companies that helps surface the right information to health providers. It’s hard for them to keep up with the thousands of new articles and research papers being published each month, much less unpack that information.

Connect with Dipanwita Das and Hellmut Adolphs on LinkedIn.

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