McDonald’s is to Chipotle what REST APIs are to GraphQL

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Ceora, Ben, and Matt talk with Danielle Man, Director of Engineering at Apollo GraphQL, about how an MIT program for high school girls helped kick off her career, her path from IC to engineering manager, and how Apollo became what it is today.

Danielle’s path to software engineering began when she was accepted into MIT’s Women’s Technology Program, an education and mentorship opportunity for high schoolers interested in engineering or computer science. She later earned her CS degree from MIT.

Danielle’s first role out of college was a junior developer working on Meteor, a full-stack JavaScript framework that was just starting a GraphQL project they called Apollo. She tells the team how Meteor started looking at GraphQL and how that became Apollo.

If McDonald’s is a REST API, then Chipotle is GraphQL. Think about it!

Find Danielle on LinkedIn here.

This week’s Lifeboat badge goes to user torek for their answer to Why doesn’t Git natively support UTF-16?.

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