Make My Monolith A Micro

The Stack Overflow Podcast

On this week's episode, the crew chats about Sara's month working remote from Miami in a house full of nomad programmers. We chat about the pros and cons of Monoliths vs Microservices. And last but not least we admit we're all terrible managers in our own special way.

You can find the podcast and article that inspired our chat here. It's the second of Kelsey Hightower's "Unpopular Opinions" series.

We have heard the requests for full episodes transcripts and we know accessibility is important, so we're working on a solution. Stay tuned.

The recipients of the lifeboat badges this episode were for questions that were between three and six years old. It's a testament to the ongoing value of the knowledge shared on our network and to the contributions of our community to help others through questions and answers.

Last but not least, our 2020 Developer Survey is open. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and we want to hear from as many coders as possible, regardless of age, experience, or occupation.

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