Jamstack is evolving toward a composable web

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Dana Lawson, Senior VP of Engineering at Netlify, joins Ben and Ryan to talk about her path from the military to tech, how three years at GitHub continues to shape her perspective, and how composable architecture is turning web development into something resembling LEGOsⓇ (in a good way).

Netlify’s all-in-one development platform gives devs access to build, deploy, and backend services for websites and web apps. Get started with their docs.

Jamstack is a web development architecture based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (the JAM in Jamstack). Learn what Jamstack is and what benefits it offers.

Composable architecture has been called “the next big thing” in web development. Netlify defines it as “a development approach [that] provides the ability to more rapidly build technology stacks by making use of logically separated reusable and customizable components.”

Dana is on LinkedIn.

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