How to keep the servers running when your Mastodon goes viral

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Kris Nóva, a Principal Engineer at GitHub who runs the tech-centric Mastodon instance Hackyderma, joins the home team to talk about the challenges of building, scaling, and moderating decentralized platforms.

A Principal Engineer at GitHib, Kris is president of the Nivenly Foundation and an admin at Hachyderm, an instance of the decentralized social network powered by Mastodon.

The ongoing changes at Twitter have fueled interest in alternative, decentralized platforms like Mastodon and Discord.

Read Leaving the Basement, Kris’s post about scaling and migrating Hachyderm out of her basement.

Watch Kris’s conversation with DigitalOcean Chief Product Officer Gabe Monroy about building decentralized IT platforms.

Find Kris on Twitter, GitHub, Twitch, or YouTube.

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