Forming new habits with 100 Days of Code

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week we sit down with Alex Kallaway, creator of 100 Days of Code. A self-taught programmer, Alex was working full time a few years back, but feeling frustrated that he wasn't using or learning modern web languages like Javascript or React. He kept promising himself he would learn on his off-time, but failing to follow through. Finally, he came up with a system to hold himself accountable. That idea, a public promise under the hashtag #100DaysOfCode, has become a movement and a community, with thousands of other coders joining in to pledge their commitment to self-directed learning.

You can learn all about 100 Days of Code on their website.

Alex also published a newsletter about habit forming and self-improvement. You can learn more about that and subscribe here.

If you want to follow Alex on Twitter, you can find him here.

This week's Lifeboat badge goes to Chris, who helped a user understand why ComponentDidCatch was not working in their react-native app.

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