Episode 272: Pull Requests Are Welcome

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Well intentioned contributors keep poking you for an update. Little do they know you've left the world of software behind for the joys of carpentry. Plus, a CS course on soft skills so that you can learn to code and get people to enjoy working with you.

"Sorry I missed your comment of many months ago. I no longer build software; I now make furniture out of wood." Life is lived in stages.

Most people are working remotely these days, but offices may return, and even if they don't, these skills could come in handy. Teamwork, persuasion, communication, and leadership, just a few of the things you can learn in this Technion course.

Big thanks to TwilioQuest, which has gotten Ben, the worst coder in the world, practicing his Javascript skills again.

What gives you that special feeling: a nice, sharp recursive function or a deep, winding ternary statement? Paul and Sara debate the finer points of feeling smugly satisfied with your own code.

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