Down the rabbit hole in the Stack Exchange network

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On this home team episode: Discussions on Stack Overflow is a new feature that allows users to engage in open-ended conversations outside the site’s primary Q&A structure. The team explores deep-cut Stack Exchange questions about the nature of consciousness and the availability of corrective lenses for medieval knights. Plus: The psychology of downvoting and a recent FCC ruling on AI-generated robocalls.

Discussions are now taking place across all tags on Stack Overflow. Check out this one about why people keep proclaiming the death of PHP or this one on whether Jenkins is still the dominant player in the CI/CD space.

What would happen if you suddenly lost consciousness? The Philosophy Stack Exchange has thoughts.

Did knights wear glasses? Historical records don’t really answer this question, but the History Stack Exchange does.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has deemed AI-generated robocalls illegal.

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