A conversation with Stack Overflow's new CTO, Jody Bailey

The Stack Overflow Podcast

On today’s episode we chat with Jody Bailey, Stack Overflow’s new Chief Technology Officer. He recounts his path from physics to sales to programming and shares thoughts on what our organization can build for the future.

Episode notes

Before joining Stack, Jody spent time at Pluralsight and AWS Training, two roles that helped him to understand the growing market for online educational self-taught developers. We interviewed his former colleagues at AWS training in this episode.

Enjoy the frustration of debugging your own code. Maybe you it brings you eustress? Ben does not experience this, nor does he like the classic video game Myst. But it takes all kinds.

Interested in learning more about the changing trends in Developer education? Check out data from our latest Dev Survey and research from the teams at Skillsoft, another member of the Prosus Ed-tech portfolio.

Today’s lifeboat badge goes to Anton VBR for explaining: What's the function of dedent() in Python?

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