Working From Home During the Pandemic (With or Without Kids)


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about working from home. How do we do our best in these unprecedented times? Here are our tips for working from home and staying productive and sane!

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Show Notes

2:39 - Your space

  • You need a table
    • Card table or dining room table
  • Keyboard + monitor
  • Don’t work from your bed or couch
  • Headphones can get you in the zone (noise-canceling ftw)

16:36 - Routine

  • Shower, shave, makeup
  • Clear start and stop times - even if that means it’s 5am to 11am because you are splitting
  • Taking breaks is important

25:24 - Focus

  • TODO list - write a list of what you hope to do at the start of the day, check things off, feel good about yourself
  • Eat That Frog - for the 100th time
  • Don’t watch or check the news during work hours
  • Block the terms related to the pandemic or politics on social media - you don’t need that info there
    • DOOM Scrolling

30:11 - Self care

  • Video games or relaxing things post work
  • Exercise
  • Zoom Happy Hours
  • Don’t overly rely on substances to get you through
  • Get your VD (vitamin D)
  • Don’t stress out yourself at night - don’t look up news before bed

43:20 - Managing kids and sharing time with your partner

  • First of all, props to you all - this is really hard, mentally and physically
  • This will vary greatly depending on your SO’s job, number and age of kids
  • Our SOs have work and jobs of their own
  • Watching young kids is hard work
  • Give each other 30 min brakes
  • Kids need routine - put something in place
  • Some times Uncle Mickey needs to take over, and that’s ok
  • Communication is key
  • Schedule Examples:
    • 6-12 and 12-6
    • 4 hours each
    • 2 hour trade off
    • Focus time (calls, deep work) and half-focus time (emails, etc.)
  • Have empathy with everyone: co-workers, SO, kids
  • Check in on your peeps
  • Keep an eye on your co-workers, even the extroverted ones
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