Tips for Work Life Balance


In this episode Scott and Wes talk about work life balance. These tips aren’t hard-and-fast - part of the beauty of being a web developer is that you do get to enjoy some flexibility. Work is a big part of our live and these are tips that will hopefully allow you to get the most enjoyment out of both work and life. - Sponsor is a real-time headless CMS with a fully customizable Content Studio built in React. Get up and running by typing npm i -g @sanity/cli && sanity init in your command line. Get an awesome supercharged free developer plan on

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Show Notes

8:06 - Know when you work best

  • The 9-5 isn’t for everyone - you know when you work best, so use that to your advantage

9:39 - Work when it’s time to work, life when it’s time to life

  • Don’t do laundry during work time

11:08 - Make it clear to family members when you are working

  • Wishy-washy in-between can cause tension - are you working? Can I interrupt you?
  • Working after hours
  • Text if you need me

14:34 - Have a defined space for work

  • If I bring my laptop downstairs, I don’t bring a charger
  • Clean yo nasty desk space
  • It’s a mental shift when you sit down - “okay now I am working”

21:14 - Know how to “zone it”

  • Headphones
    • Music or podcasts
  • Block all distractions
  • Close email
  • Pay attention to what gets you there, when it stops working, change it up

24:46 - Keep hobbies

  • Away from screens
  • Physical or relaxing or both

26:37 - Exercise

  • Good for mind and body
  • Huge gains long term and short term

27:31 - Prioritize your to-do list

  • One reason many people over-work is that they feel they have too much to do
  • Add items to your to-do list when they pop into your head - out of your head, into your system

31:28 - Walk away from difficult problems

  • Your brain will chew on problems as time goes on and help you solve them
  • Literally take a walk outside

34:04 - Meetups, conferences or tutorials

  • Reinvigorate your hunger for coding and make you happier both at home and work
  • Easy to get burned out from working too much (or not paying enough attention to your work)
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