The VueJS Show (Scott teaches Wes)


In this episode Wes and Scott talk about VueJS - what it is, how it compares to other frontend frameworks, and how to get the most out of it.

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Show Notes

2:22 - What’s the deal with VueJS?

  • Combines ideas from Angular 1, React and Blaze
  • Ease of Angular 1
  • App structure of React

8:02 - Components

  • Template syntax is similar to handlebars

    • aka {{stuff}}
  • v-bind:property

    • v-bind:property or simply :bind allows you to dynamically bind a value to a property
  • Props

    • Props must be declared before they can be used in a template.
  • Script tag

    • Where imports happen
    • Where props are defined, computed properties, action events and lifecycle
  • Actions

    • v-on:click="doSomething"
    • @click="doSomething"
    • These will run a doSomething event defined in your script export via methods
  • Lifecycle

    • How does data fetching work?
  • CSS

    • Can be scoped to file by adding to your property
  • Global Registration

    • You can register a global component and not have to import it

36:38 - Features

  • CLI

    • Easy to use when creating new projects
  • Animations

    • Baked in to core
    • A transition component wraps your code and just have a v-if on the element you are transitioning
    • There is also more intense javascript options via v-on
  • Routing

    • 1st party router vue-router with support for 3rd party routers
  • Global State

    • Vuex

45:57 - Ecosystem

  • Nuxt — AKA Next.js for Vue
  • Gridsome — AKA Gatsby for Vue
  • Native?
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