The Fundamentals Leftovers - Terminal, Shortcuts, View Source, Github + More!


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes continue their discussion of fundamentals — Bash, text editors, Regex, Github, Dev tools, and more!

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Show Notes

03:17 - Typing

07:02 - Bash / Terminal

  • WSL
  • What directory am I in?
  • SSH
  • How to copy / paste / remove files and folders
  • z
  • Nice prompt (ZSH or fish)
  • Know how to get out of VIM/VI and how to use it for fast editing
  • Know how to make an alias

13:19 - Text editors

  • Command Palette
  • Keyboard shortcuts (just look them up!)
  • Click through to source
  • Multiple cursors
  • Find/replace master
  • Find and replace across files

18:37 - Regex

22:03 - OS Basics

  • Switching apps
  • Unzipping
  • File organization
  • Searching for/in files

28:50 - Googling

  • Learn how to google well
  • What words to use and what not to
  • Basic operators “-”, ",
  • Use Reddit: for opinions
  • Add dates - example: Library has been out for 6 months, and you can filter out

33:08 - Navigating GitHub

  • Explore for finding interesting projects and creators
  • Know how to clone a repo
  • Create repo and push to it
  • to click through to files
  • Use Octotree to navigate

36:20 - Navigating source

  • View source
  • Where to start in a repo (ie the entrance to a project)
  • Most code repos are easier to read and understand than you give yourself credit for - it will improve your code reading and parsing skills
  • Access to the minds of other developers

37:31 - Knowing how to pick the right dev tools pane

  • Is it network based?
  • Does it happen once you click something?
  • Toggling CSS on/off
  • When console logging makes sense vs using a better tool
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