Syntax Live React Edition


It’s another live episode of Syntax in which Wes and Scott do Hook’d on Hooks, Who’s Snackin’ on React, Stump’d, Unpopular Opinions, Q & Eh, and more!

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Show Notes

6:54 - Who’s Snackin’ On React

Guess which of these websites have their homepage partially or fully built in React?

10:55 - Hook’d on Hooks

  • Wes:

    • useSocket
    • useStaticQuery (gatsby)
    • useKeyPress
  • Scott

    • useLocalStorage
    • useClickOutside
    • useMeasure
    • useGesture

17:47 - This, That, Both, or Neither?

  • Gutenborg: A WordPress GUI plugin for creating react-based gutenberg blocks, or a 90’s budget TV show about Cyborgs who read?
  • Nashorn: A Java based JavaScript engine developed by Oracle, or a popular rock climbing spot in Portland?
  • Easy Peasy: A React state library, or children’s spoon set?
  • Use Boxmen: A hooks library that gets box model dimension, or a puzzle-based strategy game for children?
  • Toggs: A lightweight styleable toggle component, or rain resistant outdoor gear?
  • Landwind: A set of React components for using the Tailwinds CSS Library, or a Chinese Knock-off Land Rover SUV?
  • Freeflow: A redux-like state management library built on state, context and hooks, or a California-based hot tub company?
  • Ubergrippen: A popular rock climbing spot in Denver, or a client-side video stabilization framework built on the filereader API?

26:22 - Tag Team Coding React

  • Fetch Data from the data jokes API
  • Show a loading indicator
  • Have a button to fetch a new joke

36:24 - Stump’d

  • What is a react PureComponent for?
  • Why might you use a callback with setState?
  • How would you reverse an array without mutating the original array?
  • Can you explain what a “downtown job” is?
  • When would you use useReducer?
  • What makes useLayoutEffect different from useEffect?
  • What propType would you use for an object that contains a number and a string

43:11 - Unpopular Opinions. Overrated, Underrated?

52:45 - Q + EH with Wes and Scott

  • What where the first apps you worked on?
  • What React problem stumped you for the longest time?
  • What’s your most expensive mistake?
  • Do we need classes in Javascript?
  • How do you explain what you do to your mom?
  • How do you explain React?
  • What made you start wanting to code?
  • What’s the hackiest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
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