STUMP'D - Coding Interview Questions


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes are back with another edition of Stump’d! where they try to stump each other with interview questions.

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Show Notes

03:10 - What is STUMP’D?

04:27 - What is a first class function?

06:27 - What is the purpose of using object is method?

09:31 - What is the purpose of Error object?

11:00 - What are the advantages of minification?

12:37 - How do you declare namespace?

15:38 - What are JS labels?

19:20 - List the methods that are available on a WeakSet?

  • What is the difference between a set and a WeakSet?

23:33 - What is the use of preventDefault method?

26:15 - What is a spread opperator?

27:35 - What is the output of below spread operator array?

  • [...'John Resig']

30:19 - How do you load CSS and JS files dynamically?

32:00 - What are tasks in event loop?

34:15 - What is a WeakMap?

37:35 - How do get query string values in JavaScript?

40:50 - What is the purpose of some method in arrays?

42:15 - How do you delete a cookie?

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