State Machines, CSS and Animations with David K Piano


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with David K Piano about state machines, CSS, animations and more!

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Show Notes

2:30 - Who is David K Piano?

4:00 - Did you have a background in animation prior to web development?

5:45 - How did you build the CSS Responsive House on Codepen?

8:36 - What are state machines?

14:47 - How does it relate to programming?

17:20 - How do you go about changing states?

20:20 - Is this similar to how RxJS works?

21:40 - How would state machine work in CSS?

29:07 - Perspective in CSS

34:47 - How do you like Twitch vs YouTube?

35:48 - How do you add XState to a current project?

41:42 - Visualizing sate machines

46:15 - Do you have a day job as well?

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