SSR, SEO, Tips for Students, music, security and GraphQL


It’s a Potluck episode - you bring the questions and we turn them into tasty treats.

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Show Notes


  • What’s the best resource for staying up to date with Javascript?


  • How do you stay motivated if you don’t like your current project?


  • What’s your favorite music to work to?


  • In what order should developers learn tools related to GraphQL?


  • As a JS developer, is it a good idea to learn other languages like PHP or Python?


  • As a CS undergrad, what can you do in terms of programming that could be a great benefit after graduation?


  • Should you be concerned about SEO when using JS frameworks like React?


  • How can you build your network when you’re too tired or busy to go to a bunch of meetups?


  • How do you come up with such good designs and UI for your courses?


  • As more websites move to secure connections, where can a noob learn the basics of https, SSL certificates, how to deploy a secure website, etc.?


  • Have you had experience working for large companies and how does it compare to smaller companies and/or freelancing?


  • What are other programming podcasts you listen to?
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