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Show Notes



  • Skateboarding on a TRAMPOLINE?!


  • Q: What are your favourite features coming to HTML 5.2
  • Dialog Box
  • Multiple Main Tags
  • Thanks Jordan!


  • Q: How do you retain all the info you learn like a sponge?
  • Thanks Ozan


  • What are your favourite CSS Libraries / Frameworks?
  • Thanks Blake!


  • What were some of the struggles you had early on in your career? How did you overcome them?
  • Learning how to read error logs and messages
  • Dealing with Impatience
  • Coding is very frustrating



  • Q: When should you just drop the towel on code?
  • When should you throw in the towel on code?
  • Scrapping a codebase and moving from PHP to JS
  • Let's talk about if it's worth it


  • Q: What is the best way for a JS beginner to get their hands dirty?
  • Don't work on apps, work on pieces!


  • How do you recommend a designer falling in love with frontend dev sharpen their skills while being (happily) committed to a full time design position?
  • Should designers code?
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