Side Hustles with Courtland Allen from Indie Hackers


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk all about side hustles with special guest Courtland Allen, from Indie Hackers! They talk about the story behind Indie Hackers, how to start your own side hustle, where to find ideas, listener questions, and more.

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Show Notes

1:05 - What’s the back story behind Indie Hackers?

5:30 - What is a side hustle?

11:21 - How do you validate your idea?

13:15 - What are some different types of side hustles?

31:55 - What about people who don’t like marketing?

33:57 - What are some important pieces of side hustles?

39:04 - How do you sell a business?

42:40 - Listener Questions:

  • Q: How do you stop the side hustle from affecting your main job in regards to things like overtime, sleep and commitment?
  • Q: Should you frame yourself as a one-man-band or as a company?
  • Q: Have you heard stories of people living in cheap places, making bank? Are there any white whales you have been chasing to interview?
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