Reactathon LIVE


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes are coming at you live from Reactathon with audience-favorite segments including All I Want for Christmas in React, JS or Nay-s (or Both), Overrated / Underrated, Hot Take Tweets, Listener Questions, and more!

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Show Notes

04:17 - All I Want for Christmas in React is:

  • Suspense for data fetching
  • On mount animations
    • Unmount for me
  • Single file components
  • preventDefault shortcut
  • Input to state mapping

09:45 - JS or Nay-s (or Both)

  • Shout out to Pigeonhole
  • Graphene - 1) Carbon atoms organized in a hexagonal lattice, or 2) An opinionated Python library for building GraphQL Libraries in Python?
  • Floodlight - 1) A super simple syntax highlighter for XHTML documents, or 2) a large light used to illuminate dark outdoor spaces?
  • Toy Machine - 1) An early 2000s skate brand, or 2) A Vue-based GUI for creating state machines?
  • Joplin - 1) A free, open-source note taking and to-do application based on markdown, or 2) A city in the northwestern corner of Missouri?
  • Noco - 1) A JavaScript library that connects to No Code tools including, or 2) A smart car battery maintainer & charger?
  • Innr - 1) A smart lightbulb, or 2) A CSS in JS library for selecting parent selectors?
  • Cabkoma Strand - 1) A thermoplastic carbon fiber composite rod used in modern buildings, or 2) A Redux-like state management library for Svelte?
  • Sputnik V - 1) Code name for the upcoming WordPress release with built-in headless CMS mode, or 2) A non-replicating viral vector COVID-19 vaccine?

18:44 - Overrated / Underrated

27:49 - Hot Take Tweets

34:34 - Listener Questions

  • Q: If you recently started doing web dev work, which career path would you choose - startup, FANG, or freelance?
  • Q: TypeScript all the things?
  • Q: What do you do to keep up with the latest and greatest changes in tech - front-end libraries, new languages, etc.?
  • Q: Can you share some exclusive BBQ tips?
  • Q: What do you expect of Blitz.js in the next few years?
  • Q: What’s the first node module you install in a brand new React project besides React itself?
  • Q: Thoughts on using languages other than JS and TS with React like Kotlin?
  • Q: Do you have an approach for optimizing hi-res images that are stored in your back-end, like S3 for your Gatsby website?
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