Potluck - Why Webpack? × Serverless × Agencies × Recruiters × CSS Grid × MQ in Styled Components


It’s another potluck! In this episode, Scott and Wes answer your questions about webpack, serverless, agencies, recruiters, CSS Grid, media queries and more!

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Show Notes

5:06 - Q: What do you think about webpack vs parcel vs the old way (gulp, etc.)?

11:30 - Q: What is your opinion on AWS Lambda functions?

15:42 - Q: How do you push new Syntax.fm episodes into production? Each episode is written in markdown. Do you have a different branch for each episode and merge into master? What’s your strategy to avoid releasing the episode before the intended date?

21:24 - Q: Can Scott share some of his experiences working at an agency? Are there any red flags for when you should jump ship?

30:44 - Q: Whats the deal with recruiters? How do they work, and should you use one to land a new job?

36:46 - Q: What do you think about Upwork? Is it possible to find cool full-time jobs there or is it only ‘work for beer’?

41:28 - Q: If my website is already fast, why should I sacrifice my developer experience and learn a new syntax?

44:17 - Q: Will there be a CSS grid inspector on Chrome? Do you use any 3rd party grid inspectors or stick with Firefox’s CSS grid inspector?

46:39 - Q: What the best way to handle media queries in Gatsby with styled components?

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